6th Annual Quality of Life Road Trip 2016

Road Trekkers Jordan, 12 year old, Middle School 7th Grader Jade, 13 year old Middle School 8th Grader Zori, 14 year old, High School Freshman Devonna, High School Junior Brianna, High School Junior Nayiah, 15 year old, High School Junior

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A Global Vision 2015: South Africa

June 10, 2015 Dear Supporters and friends of BOLD Girls USA and South Africa, I want to share with each of you some exciting news that has transpired over the 2014-2015 school year.  The BOLD Girls program continues to grow

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What It Means To Be 18 Summit 2016

LINKS Dream Academy What It Means To Be EIGHTEEN!  Youth Summit This summit is designed to inform youth about the legal, educational opportunities, adult and Social Matters they are facing and how to prepare and/or deal with them.