Founders and Staff

RoLanda Allaha Wilkins is an innovative health program administrator, global community organizer, universal spiritualist, and traditional ancestral ceremonial leader.  She works over 25 years in the area of women’s and adolescent health and wellness; specializing in youth development and leadership, international health & wellness, outreach, resources identification, communication and media productions. She is the Founder & Executive Director of Earth Mama Healing, Inc., which houses Our  World Cultural Center and varies community empowerment and leadership programs for youth and adults.

RoLanda Allaha Wilkins is an innovative program administrator, global community organizer, and traditional leader. For 25 years she has worked tirelessly for women and adolescent health and wellness issues: specializing in youth development and leadership and international health & wellness throughout the U.S., Canada, Honduras, Haiti and Cuba.

She is the founder & Executive Director of Earth Mama Healing, INC., home to WISEE Queen Dreams Institute for the empowerment and leadership enrichment for girls and women. She is known for her signature empowerment that continues to assist hundreds of youth in completeing educational and personal goals.
She is also Co-Executive Director of birthing Project USA (BPUSA), an International model for improving birth outcomes for 6.000 women of Africa ancestry in over 100 US communities as well as Cuba, Honuras, Uganda, Ghana Ethiopia, Malawi, and Nigeria. Rolanda’s mission is to create emotionally strong, socially smart and spirtiually connected youth and families.

Over six years she continues to produce the one day annual summit entitled “Growing Wiser, Stronger and More Informed” to inform youth of African Descent about the state of youth and challenge them change the direction of the world by developing and implementing positive solutions and campaigns. Rolanda’s mission is to assist young people in dreaming a positive reality outside the world they know, so they can make the world they want to live in.

Rolanda Allaha Wilkins has been awarded the State of California 2008 Woman of the Year by State Senator Darrell Steinberg.  She received the 2009 Luminary Award by the National Association of Business Women  Owners of Sacramento.  She was also recognized as a 2009 Hero of Human Services Resolution, by the Board of Supervisors of Sacramento and  2012 Sisterhood Agenda Award from Sisterhood Magazine. She currently lives in Elk Grove, California.


Yolanda Stevenson was born in Oakland, California, Yolanda has always been involved in the arts. A natural performer, Yolanda also graced many stages with her poetry, acting, and dancing talents. As a young adult Ms. Stevenson performed with Move Dance Theater, Imhotep Dance Ensemble and The Pamm Drake Dancers. As a poetess she performed with The Punany Poets, Dwayne Wiggins of Tony Toni Tone, Secrecy and Caustic Records.   “I thank God for my talents and the talents of the people I have studied with,” says Yolanda. First on her list of training is her brother Woodrow Thompson who starred in the original role of Richie in the internationally famous “A Chorus Line.” My brother taught me a lot; she says. “He was my main motivation to cultivate my talents to the fullest.” Yolanda has also studied African dance with Linda Johnson, Jazz dance with Bonny Sita and Pamm Drake, and Hip Hop with Traci Bartlow. Yolanda’s acting training has been with the Berkeley Black Repertory Theater and The Black Actors Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia..

Currently, Yolanda is an integral member of the International Toastmasters Association, where she’s engaging in public speaking and seminars, in addition, she is a current member of The International Black Writers Association, where she performed her poetry and speaking regularly in educational workshops for the Bay Area youth. She has won the Editor’s Choice Award for 2007 and 2008 with the International Society of Poets. She is also working on a recording career as a songstress, poet and Inspirational Speaker. Yolanda also has her sights set on the film industry where her interests are, producing a television show, developing a youth performance group and a publishing company to promote up and coming new writers and poets.


Keon Johnson was born in Brooklyn NY and moved to Sacramento in 1990.  He grew up  in the south Sacramento area where he graduated from Valley High School in 1997.  He is a self proclaimed “student Of Life” and co‐founder of “ BLACKRAMENTO “,  an up and coming Grass‐roots organization and community‐network for all black‐owned businesses,  and other organizations In the greater Sacramento area.  He believes we should have a “ BLACKRAMENTO ”  within Sacramento.

Keon is also 1/3 of Sacramentos  own I.P (Immediate Phamily) an underground and ground –level music Group.  Spreading truth, love and awareness in their music, their message includes a host of topics ranging from history, to the streets, and also the plight of the African in America. A mentor and brother‐figure to our very own youth of Sacramento, working with at‐risk male teens for a number of years, he is also Co‐founder of “Brother 2 Brother” an outreach and a mentorship that is taking responsibility for our own, by responding  to the emergency concerning our little brothers.  Our motto is ”each1 teach3”.