5th Annual Quality of Life Road Trip 2015

2015 Press Release

Contact Person:        Rolanda Wilkins                                          Phone: 916-706-2838

Email:                         earthmamahealinglove@gmal.com           Cell:     916-529-3384

Website:                    www.ourworldculturalcenter.com

 Because of the work that we do to empower and develop leadership among girls and young women at the WISEE Queen Dream Institute, Rolanda Wilkins and Jayvon Muhammad, along with 9 female youth ages 13 to 18 wants to hear from girls and women about their journey.   We will also tour historical colleges, Underground Railroad sites, Black/African American Museum and other organizations.

We want our girls to see their country and claim all of it. We will drive thru 23 States and stopping in 21 Cities. Las Vegas, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charleston, St. Helena, Raleigh, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark, Brooklyn, Harlem, Columbus, Chicago, Nashville, Memphis, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angles and Oakland.

The mission of this road trip is continue to document Girls and Women views on how they feel about their lives from family, healthcare, self-help and various social issues. Disparities of Sexual & Reproductive Health (STD, HIV, Teen Pregnancy Rates, Infant Mortality Rates), Chronic Health Disease (Obesity & Diabetes), Mental Health (Depression and Bi-Polar) and Education (High School, College and Trade School Completion and Drop Out Rates), and it impact on their Quality of Life (Life Expectance, Self Worth, Marriage, Single Parenting, Community Involvement, Environmental Realities, Concepts of Love & Family, Girl Empowerment & Women Upliftment). 

We welcome the opportunity to meet girls and women in your community as well as share our journey across the US.  Please contact if you are interest in being a stop on our 2015 Road Trip and host a sisters’ conversation and or gathering? We continue to empower our girls and women to be emotionally strong, socially smart, and spiritually connected of love and life.

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