March 9, 2013 Grandma’s Hands (Honoring our Elders)

Grandma’s Hands

Celebrating the Love

and Power of  Community Grandmother

On behalf of the greater Sacramento community and the immeasurable numbers of youth, we honor our Community Elders in a Community Tribute.  We honor them for their encouragement, commitment and loving spirit of all the lives they touched.

In our community we understand that if it wasn’t for those ancestors and elders, sacrificing their time and dedicating their lives to ensure future generations, so we would have opportunities for a better day.   We recognize that grand spirit as Grandma’s Hands.  Whether you have children of your own or not, you claim every child as if they are connected to you because Grandma’s Hands spirit knows that we are all connected.  So it is in this spirit that we want to pay homage with respect to you.

2010 Grandma Hands’ Honoree:  Mrs. Rosie Alston, Ms. Brenda Lee, And Ms. Cora Stovall, Ms. Veester Brown, Ms. Ruby Melton McCray, The Honorable Judge Alice Lytle and Ms. Jacqueline Webb

2011 Grandma Hands’ Honoree:Ms. Winnie Bender, Ms. Thema Bennett, Ms. Ms. Janet Brown, Ms. Marge Cooks, Ms. Lucille Robinson-Wilkins, Ms. Juanita Thames, Ms. Mae Thompson and Ms. Vanetta Thompson-Bailey

2012 Grandma Hands’ Honorees: Mother Deborah Sanders, Ms. LaWanna Payne, Ms. Kakwasi Somadhi, Mrs. Hester Snider, Ms. Tommie Whitlow


2012 Honoraru Inductees:  Mrs. Lillian Mobley, Queen Nzinga Heru and  Ida M. Sydnor


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