6th Annual Quality of Life Road Trip 2016

6th Annual Quality of Life Road Trip 2016 Road Trekkers Jordan, 12 year old, Middle School 7th Grader Jade, 13 year old Middle School 8th Grader Zori, 14 year old, High School Freshman Devonna, High School Junior Brianna, High School

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7th Annual Wii Girls Summer Camp 2014

Our World Cultural Center summer camp 2013 http://youtu.be/RB3mniGmeC8 Wii Girls Summer Camp 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pvpv0rV2yo&list=PLpfhlXuU1LkmM6avH8IAxvHw-ImE8mY7N&feature=share  

4th Annual Quality of Life Road Trip 2014

Press Release Contact Person:        Rolanda Wilkins                                               Phone:            916-706-2838 Email:                         earthmamahealinglove@gmail.com          Cell:                916-529-3384 Website:                    www.ourworldculturalcenter.com It’s time again to join Earth Mama Healing, Inc. and Marin City Health and Wellness Center for the 4thAnnual Quality

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